Monday, March 21, 2016

The Switcheroo

Last week I made a big change in my life. I bought a new phone and it wasn't an iPhone. I decided to try something new. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone. This is my first Samsung phone since the SGH-i607 Blackjack model I owned before my first iPhone.

From The Indiana Express:
I was interested in a phone with a larger screen size, more memory, a better video camera, and features I wasn't used to in my previous phones. I was open to any phone when I visited my local phone store as long as my grandfathered-in unlimited data plan wasn't altered.

It wasn't a malicious decision either. I have enjoyed using my iPhones over the years. I still use a Macbook and an iPad for work.

But I also continue to use a Windows PC and a Chromebook.

I have had some heated response from friends and colleagues on social media about the switch. People are really hung up on their favorite device.

Here's a little secret about me......I use them all. I work completely in the cloud. ALL my files are virtual.

I will still use my dual screen Windows PC at work.
I will continue to use Microsoft Office.
I will continue to use Google Drive.
I will also continue to use Adobe Creative Suite.
I will also continue to use OSX and iOS.
I will also use my Chromebook.
I will now use my Android phone.

Working in the cloud makes me device agnostic. I will work with any of them. It really doesn't matter which one it is, I will use it if it helps me get my work completed.

I think there is a complacency among those of us associated with technology and change to select 1 device or 1 operating system to rule over them all. But in reality (at least for me), I have to use all of them. I admit I enjoyed the Apple Kool-aid for a while but I also enjoyed reading what the rest of the market was doing with OS and phone changes. Each one improving on the last one's ideas. You have to admit, the phone of today has so much power in our hands no matter which one you use (yes, Jitterbug, even you).

Keeping up with the market means I am happy to hear when your phone or your device gets an upgrade. I celebrate that with you. It is great for ALL of us! I really don't care which one you use. But people get ridiculously heated about THEIR favorite one. They will slam people and these companies because they hate them so much. They may not have ever used the device themselves but they have opinions on those who use them and the devices as well.

In a time when we face world hunger, disease, famine, flood, death, cancer, etc. - is the argument of iPhone vs. Android or Windows really worth getting into?!

I am device agnostic. I will use Microsoft, Google, Apple, Android, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Windows, Adobe, etc. as needed. I actually enjoy them all. They all help me be successful. And I am excited to learn something new in the Android system. Perhaps learning something new will help me support my Android teachers and students better than before!

So far, I am not pushing the right buttons on my phone. They are not in the same location as where I am used to them. I downloaded an antivirus for my phone which was a first too. I love the Edge screen. I love being able to add storage memory to hit as well. I am learning!

PS: I did get to keep my unlimited data plan in the transition. Here's a helpful tip: don't purchase phones through your service providers. They will try to sell you a new plan. Go to an electronic store to get the phone. They can't really touch your plan unless you want to move from one carrier to another.