Wednesday, January 13, 2016

One Word

Tomorrow, our leadership team will be discussing the book One Word that will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page (no Led Zeppelin affiliation). It is a short read.

The idea is to select one word to be your focus forward for the year. You are to pick a new word each year and cannot recycle previous ones. It is a great reminder to spend time in silence thinking of your goals and things you want to accomplish. It is timely with the New Year's resolutions not far behind to help determine this one word.

I was reminded of meditation techniques involving assigning a mantra (a sound or word) to help someone achieve their meditative state by repetition and clearing of the mind. Having a one-word focus helps clear the cobwebs and craziness of the world around you to hyperfocus on this one element, goal, drive, purpose, or failsafe to connect you back to your internal focus.

Instead of just reading this book and choosing a word, I decided to follow what the authors outline to help you discover your word. They recommend turning off your electronics and spending time in silence to listen for God or the universe to deliver the word.

I spent some time tonight in silence without distraction. I wrote down a few words that came into my head:


I decided to focus on MINDFUL.

Mindful is when a person can truly be living in their moment by being present in the experience of it. I think of cooking and taking the time to savor a bite. Enjoying the flavors, scent, and textures of each morsel.

I am mindFULL - not mindful.

My mind is constantly jumping from past to future. It is rare for me to be in the moment. I jump to regrets from the past to fears of the future. I tangent to other conversations. I grab my phone to look up an email or check a calendar date. In conversations, I am involved in an internal monologue about what to say next or connecting what is said to conversations from the past.

It is rare for me to be in the moment. I can turn off my phone but my thoughts bounce around. I am not enjoying the moment while I am physically in it. So I am working on being mindful and taking time to cherish the moment I am in.

Anyone else have their One Word? I'd love to hear it and your story behind it.